Thursday, February 14, 2013

Small Victories: Recusal of a Judge

For over eight years my ex-husband has been harassing me through the court system.  Day after day I've lived in fear of his next move.  The next move being pleadings filed that encased lie after lie.  The contortion of facts that, ones, that should actually have proved him to be the one the Courts should be questioning - not to mention the Department of Children and Families that were called on behalf of my children's safety, sanity, security, and all over well-being.

Well, today, I finally pulled the rabbit out of the hat, and demanded of the Court that Judge Curtis J. Neal, Fifth Judicial Circuit, Hernando County, recuse himself from the case as he was incapable of following the laws of the State of Florida, and, incapable of making impartial decisions (he formerly entered orders against me that fell outside of the Florida Statutes, as well as Florida Supreme Court findings).  Thank you Dale L. Bernstein, Esq. for the legal knowledge I gained during the 10 +/- years I worked for you and your firm.

I WON!!! After the Judge repeatedly attempted to pawn me off to excuses of "not signed, didn't receive in time," etc., my response, "Sir, in accordance with Florida Statutes, 38.10, once an affidavit, or request for recusal is submitted, the 'judge shall proceed no further.'"  Well, that left the Judge with no option but to shut his mouth, and close out the hearing.  Counsel for my ex-husband, Chris Ragano, Esq. left with no option other than to say, "No your Honor.  Thank you for letting me appear telephonically," and my ex-husband, hopefully, "shitting" his pants - sorry for the profanity, but so highly appropriate at this moment in time.

The truth will always prevail.  Never Give up.  Never give in.  Fight until you can't fight anymore, and YOU WILL WIN.

While the following isn't footage of the Judge recused today, it's a great example.


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