Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chemtrails, Not Only in the USA - World Wide!

When was the last time you stared up at the sky, whether day or night?  Ever noticed the cross-hatching of "jet airliner vapor trails?"  Well, FYI, vapor trails dissipate, chemtrails do not.  They leave a very distinct pattern, most often cross-hatched, in the sky.  They can be noted during the day or nighttime hours.
Many believe them to be organizations attempting to control the weather patterns by using aluminum oxide.  Perhaps to control global warming and drought.  But many others, including the organization behind this video, believe, if not know, that we, the little people, are experimental rats in a maze controlled by "super powers," out-of-control, privately owned mega corporations, and, sadly enough,  our own governments.  And this "phenomenon" is worldwide.

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