Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Oil's Monopoly on Oil Containment Technology Ruined Our Gulf

For those who continue to follow my Blog, Thank You.  As you've noticed, there is a tight connection between most of the topics I relate to the readers, and Big Oil.  Well, the below link merely proves my point even further.  How long are we going to allow the oil industry to rule our world?  Will there ever be enough power to overcome them?  Probably not. 

So, we have to sit back, and let them destroy OUR environment, make US sick, while they sleep peacefully in their billion dollar homes, sustain their families with untainted/GMO free foods, purified water, and filtered air, and wait for US to die?  God I hope not! 

Activist Post: Lawsuit Claims BP and Courts Colluded to Keep Monopoly on Oil Containment Tech

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