Saturday, August 2, 2014

We are the knight!
This world is a scary place.  We’re born. We’re raised. We fight to get our own future.  AND, THEN, we truly learn.  Why aren’t we taught about what the future holds when we’re young?  Why aren’t we taught about how horrific our futures will be if we aren’t conforming, and kissing buttocks?  I understand that my parents, as well as those of all the children in the world, want to save us from the misery, but, it’s not misery, it’s reality.  We need to be taught and instructed during our younger years, so we can be prepared for the future – our impending monetary “death,” loss of life, loss of hope, and the inability to live.  Don’t know about everyone else, but I’m tired of being a slave to society.  Not sure how to change it, but I feel an inexplicable need to do so….for my children…for the future of our children.  For the global sanity.  We are the knight!

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