Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Health Tip - Essential Oils, a natural remedy

I am not a medical professional, and the following is by no means medical advice.  It is simply health tips/tricks that I've learned through trial and error in my own home with my own family members.  Please consult a physician before implementing any of the recommendations as each   case is unique and what works for one, may be harmful to another. When in doubt, check it out!

The following excerpt was taken from Love Rainbows and Butterflies

"Cedar Oil is a natural Bactericide, Fungicide, Mildicide. Stimulant, Relaxant,  and Invigorate.
Can be used as a mold, spore and allergen retardant, sterilization agent and sleep aid.
It dramatically helps with ADD syndrome. asthma, upper respiratory problems,. sinusitis,

bronchitis, acne, hair loss, infections, viruses, itch, rashes, fungal infections, urinary
infections, arthritis, rheumatism, general tonic, and non-toxic insect repellent. 
Cedar Oil is considered by the scientific community to have more beneficial properties for
humans than any other natural known substance

With that said, I'd also like to add that for those unwanted house pests like collembola, lice and other parasites, cedar oil is also a great natural method for elimination as these "bugs" have become immune to traditional pesticides and topical treatments so don't waste your money!  In fact, cedar oil is effective on virtually every pest imaginable including ticks, fleas, mites, and just about every other pest on the A to Z list.

Personal experience, using the trial and error method, has taught me that while Cedar oil is the "top of the line" when addressing essential oils, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, mint, cinnamon and coconut are also great for ridding your home and your person of those unwanted visitors.  But don't just take my word for it, learn more about Essential oils and their uses for fleas, ticks, and more.

Delivery method is typically atomizing or "fogging", but I use the old fashioned method...a spray bottle. Mix up a dilution of 33% Hydrogen Peroxide to 66% water (tap will suffice, but distilled is preferred) add the essential oil of your choice following a guide to diluting essential oils.

Spritz bedding, furnishings, carpets, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows and the like with the mixture at least twice per day for seven days then once a day until the problem is resolved.  For carpeting, vacuum thoroughly first, and then spritz making sure not to miss any areas.  

This same mixture can be used to rid you and your children of lice.  Just thoroughly saturate the hair, place a snug fitting plastic shower cap over their hair, and leave on for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Of course, you still have to use a comb to remove the dead lice and eggs, but if you add 1/4 of apple cider vinegar to the mixture, the eggs will comb out much easier.  Two applications may be necessary depending upon how advanced your particular case.  Once rid of the lice and all eggs, as a preventative, add your essential oil of choice to shampoos and conditioners, as well as alcohol based hair spray that you apply to your children's heads before they go to school (gel works great also). 

You can also use rubbing alcohol in place of the hydrogen peroxide.  However, I keep a spray bottle of each on hand as the alcohol mixture provides a quick-dry result because of its evaporative quality (like for spritzing the bed linens in the morning before making them).  Both eliminate the lice, springtails, and even typical household pests that are sprayed/exposed through the process of dehydration.  A saltwater mixture also works but is rather messy as it leaves salt residue as the mixture evaporates. 

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