Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where hope floats...truth can be found!

“Have you ever lost anything Bronx?  Your purse, your car keys?  Well, it’s rather like that now you have it, now you don‘t..."  Sean Connery, Medicine Man 1992
--my favorite line from the 1992 movie Medicine Man starring Sean Connery referring to his "lost" notes, his only evidence and replication method for a cure for cancer he discovered in the Amazon Rainforest…

Well, losing my purse or car keys would have made for a great day considering what my days of recent have entailed.  Pretty sad, the state of mankind when more people would rise to the occasion and help you find your purse or your car keys, but will turn their backs and run the opposite direction if you ask for help finding answers to a health issue that you know to be VERY REAL!!!  
In fact, even with evidence in hand - as my notes haven't been lost - it's been an emotional uphill battle trying to find anyone in the medical field to listen, much less provide a diagnosis for what seems to be undiagnosable.

What of the end result for my honesty, the sharing of evidence, and seeking the truth and a solution (and I'm one of the lucky ones)? 

-Lost a dream job, lost my children, lost my dignity, lost my income, lost the love of my life, lost the respect of my community, lost my home, and nearly lost my mind....

Every moment, of every day, spent looking toward the heavens, pondering on what the best "escape" route might be.  Run away under the cover of night so you don't have to face anyone? Dig a hole and bury your head in it like an ostrich? Worse yet, reach for that bottle of pills in the cupboard?
Then, with the rising of the new day’s sun, realization!  
Sure there are “escape routes,” but the only true one most people in this situation see is permanent, and one that cannot be undone.  
No matter how insane people think you are, no matter how many physicians have turned you down, ignored you, and sloughed you off like a piece of dead skin, maintain composure, keep your head held high, and walk the walk, because if you “escape” this world, those left behind will never know the truth, and you will most certainly go down in the records as having been crazy, and they will have won.  

HOPE does FLOAT, just sometimes it takes a while for it to reach the surface....wait for it!

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