Friday, April 19, 2013

Calling All You Angels: The World Needs Your Help

The recent bombing during the Boston Marathon, and the subsequent shut-down of nearly the entire city of Boston and its suburbs, called my heart and brain to action.  Of course, I'm always concerned with the World, and the impending doom that man has created for itself.  But this particular incident has me more than concerned than ever. 

None of what is being reported makes sense.  Two well-adapted, young men, with lots of friends and family attesting to their good nature.  Great repoire with teachers, and instructors.  One a second-year medical student. The other with a guaranteed future as a boxer - not to mention he, the one whose life was unfortunately taken during the manhunt, was making a go at being in the next Olympics.

I need to know how to equate all of what I've heard and seen on live stream.  I'm sure we'll never know whether these young men were victims and just merely "scape goats."  Or, if there truly was something in their hearts that they believed in fighting for or against.

What I do know is that our world has "gone to the dogs" as they say.  And, that without the help of higher power, we are on our way to a certain end.  One that has already proven will be disastrous, devastating, and will place in suffering the ones who are the farthest from deserving.

Prayers out to all.


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