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Heavy Metal Poisoning, and Morgellons

My compliments to Mr. Joseph Keleher on the following article which contains his "theory" with regard to Morgellons Syndrome Symptoms.

I'd like to add, however, that while heavy metal poisoning is most certainly part of the underlying cause for Morgellons, and the "fibers" are definitely mercury related, the actual crawling, and reports of "bugs," most recently theorized to be Springtails (Collembola), as well as numerous other parasitic infiltrators is REAL. 

So, what is the correlation between heavy metal poisoning and the body playing host to these unwanted visitors?  As I am not a scientist, and haven't had the ability to "test" my theory, I'm going to offer this merely based on my research.

The human body is much like a tree.  Wholly natural in it's makeup and DNA.  When you poison a tree with chemicals, for example, stump killer, the main ingredients of which are potassium nitrates, Triclopyr, sodium pyrosulfite, acids, and other inert ingredients (depending on which product you purchase), the end result is the tree begins to "rot."

And what do we know about rotten tree debris?  Well, if you've ever wandered about the woods, you would have run across loads of downed timber that has succumbed to Mother Nature's cycle of rain, wind, and basic decomposition.  Poke a stick at it, and most often, what you'll find, is that the rotting wood has become host to a myriad of insects and parasites.  Much like the carcass that becomes host to fly larvae/maggots.

Basically, then, you can consider the human body a rotting tree once exposure to dangerous toxins has occurred.  Making it the perfect "host" for all sorts of unwanted invaders - yes, the parasitic and insect type.

And, since recent research has shown that the ratio of Springtails to soil worldwide is 3 to 1, it makes the most sense that one of the main invaders of our degrading human "tree," is Collembola.

Again, since I am not a scientist, and I have yet to have the ability to actually test my theory in any type of controlled environment, what has been offered up remains exactly that, THEORY.  Take it with a grain of salt.

But, I will say this, I know the parasite and insect invasions of Morgellons sufferers to be REAL, as a good friend of mine, Trisha Springstead, who has been fighting for Morgellons sufferers for years - and is now fighting to save our Gulf post-BP oil disaster, produced photographs of REAL patients, and REAL parasites and insects which she personally pulled from patient's skin.  Oh, and let's not fail to mention that she also happens to be a well-known nurse.


Crawling Sensations, Fibers and Other Noted Morgellons Syndrome Symptoms: Another Theory for Sufferers to Consider

by Joseph Keleher

I am not a medical professional. Let me repeat that. I am not, never have been and have no desire to ever become a medical professional. I might best be labeled a reluctant participant, as I suffered from Morgellons Syndrome Symptoms.

I have done my best to document what I went through (see Keleher 2008 “Hell and Back Again”). I wrote about connections to mercury and these horrific symptoms. I’ve angered medical professionals and sufferers. I’ve lost some old friends. I’ve found some new friends. I’ve written, emailed, and spoke on the phone with others who suffer. I’ve cried a bunch and still do (I don’t exactly know why).

I know it is possible to get well. I know what I suffered from and what I think most are suffering from is mercury as a neurotoxin. It is treatable with chelation and changes in lifestyle.

What I share are my thoughts. Yes, it is speculation. It is theory related to symptoms I had and you may still have. In reading be warned there are many “I think”s and “I believe”s. It’s all theory; it may be right or it may be wrong. Still, I feel compelled to share.

The Cause

I believe the recent growing numbers of those suffering from Morgellons symptoms is due to two ingredients- toluene and mercury.

Toluene is found in glues, methamphetamines and cocaine. I believe the toluene found in dental adhesives, and connected to symptoms by Dr. Omar Amin, correlate with a surge of sufferers of these symptoms (and possibly via prenatal passage the exponentially growing number of children with autism, ADD and ADHD).

I think toulene interacts with mercury to allow passage of this toxin into the nervous system. Toluene may dissipate after carrying mercury into the system leaving deposits of mercury. The primary source of mercury in the mouth (though there are other sources causing mercury increases including some skin creams, coal burning power plants, and historic mining activities) decreases as secondary deposits in the nerves increase.

The associated symptoms of this neurotoxin can be viewed as occurring in stages with new symptoms added as secondary deposits increase. The stages, based partly on my own experience, but also drawing from the experience of many others, might look like: 1) depression and panic attacks (typical symptoms of neurotransmitter blockage), 2) bloating, heart palpitations, and exhaustion, 3) crawling sensations, 4) fibers and skin lesions….and so on.

All of the symptoms noted with Morgellons, except crawling sensations and fibers, have been shown to be associated with mercury poisoning; because of this, I want to share how I think these two symptoms form.

Crawling Sensations

In the earliest onset of the “bugs”, I had faint flea-like zips across my scalp. I believe this was mercury pathways forming within the nerve cell network under my skin.

As the secondary levels of mercury increased, the sensations of crawling began. My crawling always started each night at the rear, right occipital area of my scalp (in journaling, at that time, I referred to the spot on my scalp as the “Mother Ship”); this area correlates with the low spot of my skull when resting (I have a preference for sleeping on my right with my head cocked back). The extreme density of mercury I believe was pooling.

Crawling typically began as the sun was setting and there was a change in temperature. Within weeks, the crawling expanded to my groin and bottom of my feet. Eventually my whole body had the sensations. It was during this time that I was diagnosed with sheet mites and scabies (and found out about something called Morgellons).

I believe as levels of mercury further increased, the crawling became more pronounced and expanded throughout my body. The sensation was especially disturbing when it began in my ear canals and nostrils.

I think the crawling is due to the expansion and contracting of mercury within the network of nerves. I picture it as one spider-shaped cell after another filling and twitching as mercury moves through (causing a kind of “cartoon effect” movement); one sufferer described this observed movement as certain proof of parasitic infestation. I still get a faint twitch occasionally at the base of my feet (but it feels different and I suspect it relates to nerve repairs and not mercurial movement).

If the Morgellons symptoms occur in stages related to increases in mercury, then I arrived at one of the middle stages. I never found fibers projecting from my skin or had any lesions. I’m thankful for this.


I think the fibers are the result of repeated cell damage repairs from mercury expansion and contrasting through the nerve system. A weak spot may have mercury break through and this will “scab” over. The fibers eventually poke through as they have nowhere else to go.

Final Words

I know there are many theories out there. Mine is one among many. Take it as such.
Morgellons is an especially cruel condition. In addition to the symptoms, the medical community has not been especially kind. The sensationalism of the media doesn’t help. Isolation and lose of connections to other people is difficult. There is one thing though that especially irritates me; I cannot stand that there are people taking advantage of the vulnerability of many sufferers. For those snake oil sales people making money off this condition, someday you will get yours; it is true what we do to others we do to ourselves.

For those suffering, be careful of the sharks, keep faith that answers will come soon, and always, always keep an “attitude of gratitude” for all you have. You are not alone and things will get better! I wish each and ever one of you a clear path towards health.

Thank you so much Joseph for another excellent and thought provoking article. Your thoughts really make me wonder if the NAC I take is a major player in my feeling better? Here are two other excellent articles written by Joseph that the reader might also want to examine.

Morgellons Disease – A Patient’s Perspective

Keleher 2008 “Hell and Back Again”


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  2. I have lived with this for almost 6 months now. It's horrific! I have family support off and on until they feel my information is too unbelievable. My children are showing signs, and I feel it is threatening my marriage. I hope they come up with something soon before my life completely falls apart. Thanks for listening.

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  4. ive had lyme all my life. when i was a young teen i had these rainbow colored strands coming out of my hands, my parents laughed at me. Noticed them for a couple years but haven't seen any since. im 25 now and have finally cured myself of lyme+babesia and got my life back. my friends laugh when i try to discuss morgellions, all i know is i saw them on my own accord as a tween, it's definitely something..... considering vaccine damage i received i can believe this