Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For Those Who Can't Defend Themselves: The Children

This is an incredible cause, and I encourage ALL to become involved.  While I love Facebook as much as the next person, when I hear about something of this nature, it pains me, and makes think twice about whether or not to post to FB ever again.

For the children, let's fight this one for them.


The Dangerous Truth Facebook Refuses To See

Proof this is happening:
Over two years ago, Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking(MENAPAT) began to uncover the massive amount of illicit image of children on Facebook. In just one day MENAPAT discovered over 1,400 abusive images of young people on the Social Network through closed "groups," fake profiles, "special events," "interests," and "likes" created by predators who then trade and share extremely illicit images of abused children.

If change is going  to happen, it's up to us. Our opinion is that Facebook cannot be trusted with the safety of our children.

In the past year MENAPAT has worked successfully to pass legislation, advised State and Federal Lawmakers, and fought corporate ignorance all to protect young victims from the tragedy of sexual abuse.

Even though it has taken almost two years to reach 1.36 million members of this Cause, the monumental task of taking on Facebook is only one of our projects. Right now, you can discover what more is being done and how you can help. To go even further, MENAPAT needs your generous support.

  • Improve and strengthening State and Federal Legislation
  • Educate State and Federal lawmakers
  • Mobilize the global public to demand justice
  • Challenge all those who are complicit in the crimes of prostitution and human trafficking around the world.

Simply visit MENAPAT and follow the "Donate button." It's very easy and very important.
Thank you,

Men Against Prostitution And Trafficking
Men Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (MENAPAT) is an Independent Expenditure-Only Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. Donations to MENAPAT are not tax-deductible and are
reported according to all FEC regulations.

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