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We the People: Experiments in Mycoplasma Nanotechnology

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Mycoplasma Nanotechnology

Mycobacterium and Nanotechnology… creating the path to Morgellons? Body Bugs? Hyper Toxic Skin Conditions and worse to come?

Manhattan Neighborhood Network Daily TV produced video with testimony by Dean Loren, a present day lawyer who had originally attended the University of Maryland where, on the Deans List, he studied Nuclear Chemistry (physics, chemistry, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, P-chem).

He was recruited post graduate while working on a PhD by the Manhattan Project to work at Washington University at St. Lewis in X-Raying gamma ray analysis of fractures in stamped semi-precious metals.  He became increasingly aware of the military interest in all of the sciences, and his area as it pertained to locating metal fractures as it could be applied to locating weaknesses in tank armament to be targeted by weapons.

He increasingly felt that such use of science was an injustice to mankind, and for reasons of conscience he abandoned the sciences to study law and work for justice.  Born in D.C. and raised in a Bio-Warfare Facility just outside of D.C. in Maryland that was also the headquarters for NASA as well as the training quarters for the secret service agents, Dean Loren is the son of one of the scientists who worked on Bio-Warfare weapons.

All of the focus was on agriculture, where all Bio-Warfare development was hidden in the agriculture sector from the 50′s to the 70′s (it is now hidden in the Atomic Energy Commission & Cancer Research. The military is the biggest contributor to cancer research today).  The focus of the video interview was Mycoplasms and how Dean Loren’s father and others worked on Mycoplasma in agriculture to enhance it and make it weapons grade.  Mycobacterium can only be seen under powerful multi-million dollar electron microscopes which is why your local doctor can’t properly diagnose Merc Enhanced Mycoplasma related autoimmune illnesses that trigger new epidemics that normal non-enhanced Mycoplasma could never cause.

Transgenic contamination  (referred to by Monsanto, the chemical company that invented PCBs and now controls much of world agriculture through Genetically Modified Organisms, as “Outcrossing of genes”).  This genetic modification by Monsanto is done to (a) create immunity to Monsanto’s “Roundup” which otherwise kills all plants and (b) to allow them to patent all seeds and the resulting plants which grow from them.

Monsanto refers to these genetically modified plants simply as “Herbicide Resistant”.   Bugs that thrive on plants simply ingest both the adulterated plant genes and the super-powerful chemicals found in Roundup. These bugs are then reproducing generation after generation and become increasingly and more tolerant to these chemicals and are loaded with toxic chemicals themselves.
Many now find themselves asking where hyper toxicity syndrome is coming from.  The plants themselves are mutating wildly as transgenic contamination occurs (passing new mutant genes from one field to another) and GMO plant DNA is being discovered in humans (Assessing the survival of transgenic plant DNA in the human gastrointestinal tract). Genetically modified insects that are much more advanced life forms than plants already exist.

And it all starts with weapons grade Mycoplama.

Alpha-Toxins introduced into the food supply would weaken the immune system and make those with genetic predispositions to develop cancer sick. This would apply to any other diseases people have a genetic susceptibility to developing. Those who would benefit most would be the medical community and most importantly the drug companies and chemical companies producing drugs. The military is the biggest contributor to cancer research which is where biological weapons research is now located. Hyper Toxicity Syndrome – the current pandemic of hyper toxic diseases is due to what are known as Alpha-Toxins. Ultra toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms used in combination with one another and now being sold in supermarkets, added to skin creams, makeups and almost everywhere else.

Nanotechnology – it exists and does not mean nano-bots (microscopic robots).
Nanomaterials are usually defined as materials that have at least one dimension smaller than 100 nanometers. A nanometer is approximately 1/80,000th the width of a human hair or 1/7,000th the size of a single red blood cell. Materials at the nanoscale often exhibit physical, chemical and biological properties that are very different from those of their normal-sized counterparts.

According to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars “Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies” (PEN) in their database of nanotechnology products (maintained by the PEN) are more than 600 manufacturer-identified nanotechnology consumer products as of February 2008.
They included numerous cosmetics, a number of silver-based anti-microbial products (including food containers and no-smell socks) and other products ranging from tennis rackets to teas.
As of 2007, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved 24 nano-based drugs, and an additional 26 nanodrugs were undergoing clinical trials (Zhang, et al. 2007). China, Japan, Korea and several European nations are competing with the United States for the lead in developing the technology, and Russia recently announced a $5 billion nanotechnology research and development program (Elder 2007). Twenty years from now, most of the products we use are likely to have some nanotechnology component.

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