Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tell Obama No to Oil Drilling in the Artic!

Support Earth Justice by taking action today!  Simply click on the following link where you can fill out your personal information, and transmit the same to President Obama and the White House Staff. Every voice counts. Let's stop the destruction of our environment! JH11513


Excerpt from Earth Justice:

Deny Shell's Desperate Plea

The endangered bowhead whale

Shell Oil is asking the Obama Administration for one more favor: let Shell break the law and violate the Clean Air Act, and in return, they will start drilling in the Arctic Ocean this summer.

Even though Shell has known for more than a year that its Noble Discoverer drillship would not be able to operate cleanly enough to meet its air permit limits, they have waited until now to ask for a last-minute, emergency order to operate this summer.

Tell the Obama Administration to hold Shell accountable to their existing permits and to the law!

Shell’s vessels are anchored off Alaska, poised to steam towards the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas in the Arctic Ocean. Final permits and thick sea ice have delayed this summer’s drill season, but Shell is still pushing to begin this year.

These waters are home to threatened polar bears, endangered bowhead whales, walrus, seals, birds that range through every state in the Union, and many species of fish. Drilling in these waters threatens these species and the vibrant indigenous Alaska Native culture that depends on a healthy Arctic Ocean, both already under stress from rapid climate change.
Shell has gone back on its promise not to exceed pollution limits. Please tell the Obama Administration that you want the Arctic Ocean protected and the Clean Air Act defended.

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