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CDC's Morgellons Research, or Lack Thereof

While the research I have conducted with regard to Morgellons over the last three years has focused mainly on the United States population, and more specifically, residents of Florida, Texas and California, I recently decided to dig deeper, and discern how far extended this rare disease truly is.  Since the second highest percentage of individuals hitting my blog are from Germany, I chose to begin there. The following was extracted from M-R-O News, and relates directly to the "official study" conducted by the Centers for Disease Control.  JH11813


August 18, 2012

Talking to DR. Mark Eberhard from CDC about the CDC-Morgellons-Report

Read below some short excerpts from my friendly (even if it doesn`t look like) conducted discussion (7-8 minutes) a few days ago with Dr. Mark Eberhard Director of the Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria (DPDM) Center for Disease Control (CDC) Center for Global Health (CGH). To keep it short I left out some of his answers praising himself and the good work of the glorious CDC, and some other small talk. He took some time to listen to me, maybe because he knew me already, or because he was just curious that someone called him from Germany. Who knows?

------------ Memory protocol ---------------

Marc Neumann: Concerning the Morgellons report by the CDC, there were however a lot of protests and many inconsistencies, in particular regarding the recognition or correct representation of this illness. Your name is mentioned also here in Germany in different articles, as allegedly you and some others represent this report in a way that makes most Morgellons patients look like delusional parasitosis patients (patients imagining parasites under or on the skin).

I would like to mention at this point that this does not reflect my own opinion after I read this CDC report correctly. I think somebody just wants to misunderstand this report purposely and intentionally spread the opposite what this report actually reflects. Or is it perhaps just a matter of the vast information flow offered on the Internet, or the “copy+paste mentality” and the common laziness or inability to read and understand what is written somewhere. This could be actually a modern cognitive illness (perhaps ADHD?) caused by the Internet, and it will make us even more stupid than we were before then! Many cannot use their brain anymore due to this information overload!

Dr. Mark Eberhard: (Laughs...) Maybe, but it is so not completely correct that we would have maintained such a thing in the report--we left everything open ended, without branding people as definitely delusional.

Marc Neumann: Well, it is out there now, however, and, unfortunately, leads to the diverse opinions of some incorrect and indifferent physicians and lousy story hunters, who take only one side of the story like lemmings, without, for instance, having had direct contact with any actual Morgellons patients and treating physicians to gather real facts.

Dr. Mark Eberhard: I really feel sorry that something went wrong or been abused somehow due to some misinterpretations of the CDC report. It is clear to us that there is something going on actually, but as yet, we simply do not know clearly what the actual cause of this Morgellons illness could be.

Marc Neumann: Well, the fact is, that now after publication of this superficial report, all the debunkers state exactly the opposite, because the CDC left all quite uncertain in this report, right? And this uncertainty may mean for most readers: We do not have clear findings, thus patients are probably all delusional and that there is no need to treat them.

Dr. Mark Eberhard: As I have said, I feel sorry for these misinterpretations. If we would know the actual cause, we would describe it all differently. Actually, we relied mainly on the investigation of Kaiser Permanente.

Marc Neumann: You do not know what's causing it, but aren`t you ignoring some related facts too? I think you will be aware already that many world-wide sufferers kill themselves because they received no real medical assistance, and now more than ever Morgellons is being ignored due to this unclear CDC statement, which sounds a little bit ironic to me, as approximately two-thirds of all Morgellons patients, including myself, also suffer from proven Lyme disease. Do you know this fact either, or do you want to ignore this intentionally too?

At least these patients should not be rejected by physicians and should be tested and treated for Lyme disease, independently of the Morgellons syndrome. With this general ignorance of facts, even regular Lyme patients have to fight daily and are very often declared as simulators, fakers or hypochondriacs by this miserable and inhumane medical system. It all just has to do with money. No money actually means, you get no further help and you have to die! How much is a human life actually still worth in the U.S. nowadays? Ten cents, or even less? On the top of that, how can one assign an investigation to this corrupt Kaiser Permanente hospital chain? It might be the same as asking Satan for support then!

Dr. Mark Eberhard: However, the case is closed for the CDC at the moment, that's all I can say about it right now.

Marc Neumann: Come on, what's closed? Nevertheless it still has to do with human lives, does it not? I mean, your own citizens and taxpayers, whom are left on their own with this illness. Do you know that the whole world looks on the CDC report, and this does not give a good picture to the rest of the world. Especially that the U.S. wants to refuse medical assistance to its own citizens suffering from Lyme or Morgellons disease. With due respect, we are talking meanwhile about a pandemic, if you don't know this yet either! I do not call you just because of a local hay fever outbreak, and I just don't run my site for the past seven years now to support U.S. and worldwide sufferers just for pure fun. This would however, actually be the task of the medical system, don't you think so?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: I can understand that and thank you for your good work, but nevertheless I must repeat myself and say that the case is closed for the CDC.

Marc Neumann: Sorry, but not for me, and I do believe that huge dark clouds will cross the CDC in the future, as the case is still not closed for many! Does the CDC have a real interest in clearing this case up at all and to help their fellow citizens? Anyway, is the CDC still paid by tax funds or not? The CDC even promotes with this unclear report those who are believing in all these wild conspiracy theories, like Chemtrails, Nano-robots, Illuminati and population reduction, etc. After all, do you believe in those?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: No, definitely not! (Both laugh...)

Marc Neumann: But anyway, after the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments in Alabama and Guatemala, which were led even by the U.S. health authorities which have been abused African-American and Central-American men as human lab rats, I could actually be more predisposed to believe in a newer, improved and quiet variant of a spirochete-based bioweapon as result of this study! For what was this Tuskegee experiment led 40 years long, then? Where and which are the actual results of these despicable studies?

Isn`t it a shame for US, that these poor people have never, ever received medicines and even the local physicians were threatened with license withdrawal, if anyone would try to help these people. Isn`t it precisely the same story running now also with Morgellons sufferers, not anymore locally but globally? Is this all pure coincidence, or the already long-known procedure of U.S. authorities, in order to suppress the truth in the usual stupid way, just by ignoring and manipulating everything?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: In addition I cannot say anything about…

Marc Neumann: Really? In order to remain on solid, factual ground, let me directly give you a few pieces of information, since indirectly the CDC quite frequently visits my Internet site. The fact is, nevertheless, that we have epidemiologically, morphologically and biologically many similarities to a kind of fungus or fungus-like protozoan infection. Quite similar to what arises in California and southern U.S. states with fungi, such as Coccidioides immitis and Microsporum canis.

Even with the Coccidioides immitis fungus, scientists have found new mutations of it never known before. Usually known as a fungus, where its hyphae always roll themselves together into spherical shapes (cocci). According to old scientific studies, this fungus cannot create long thin hyphae in the host body, but under certain stress conditions, they found out in the latest results that these and other fungi really can. Why does the CDC not do any research in the direction of such fungi at least?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: These sort of fungal infections are well known to me, but we do not as yet have evidence connecting these and other types of infections to Morgellons disease.

Marc Neumann: Allright, but it is more than evident that it must be a kind of fungus, perhaps a mutated form, causing Morgellons. In addition, epidemiologically, is the spreading caused either due to global warming, or is it because of a massive forced usage of fungi and other pathogens used as biological insecticides embedded in hollow fibers, which have been used for approximately 30 years now to fight fire-ants and all kinds of crop pests in the U.S.? Even ticks and mosquitos are now fought with such biological insecticides in forest and meadow areas. What happens with the pathogens that these pests carry, if they get eaten up by such fungi which spread uncontrolled later? In addition every new technology, as these fibers with embedded pathogens, can be used also by the military or any other evil fringe groups to spread diseases, right?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: No comment...

Marc Neumann: Furthermore, it cannot be as the CDC states, that this Morgellons illness is not contagious. How can all concerned have been infected then. What kind of research has the CDC actually done? Besides, if one ignores the delusional theory now, the question must be, why so many mammals have been infected, and why even a worldwide spread could occur! Myself and others have investigated that over many years, but the CDC did not!

Dr. Mark Eberhard: (praising the work of the CDC, bla bla, bla...)

Marc Neumann: Anyway, do you have any idea at all, what harm the CDC has caused with this unprofessional statement? It means gross negligence or deliberate bodily injury directly caused by the CDC. I think, there will be many more complaints and lawsuits to follow! All family members, who have a weaker immune system, from the child up to the parents and grandparents can be infected, and also neighbors and pets, can be affected by it! Mainly these fungal spores are actually spread by direct body contact. If you are too weak, you will lose!

Dr. Mark Eberhard: Well, according to Kaiser Permanente and other researchers, it doesn`t seem to be contagious!

Marc Neumann: What? Sincerely, I cannot understand this careless attitude of the CDC which drives many humans into financial and physical ruin! Even if I can understand, to some extent, this stance for political and economical reasons, that the CDC may never admit that there are these and other contagious diseases present at this time in the U.S. at all (excluding now bed bugs in New York and Lyme disease epidemics in 49 U.S. states). Just because no more tourists would visit the U.S. or goods from the U.S. would be rejected by other countries, as it happened already with beef that was contaminated with BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or Mad Cow Disease). Korea and other countries nevertheless sent back such supplies, did they not? Are U.S. citizens at least informed at all about the fact that BSE is still present in the U.S.?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: Hmm, I would not like to say anything about such claims, but yes indeed, the CDC has to be careful about such statements anyway.

Marc Neumann: Well, the truth was always too precious, so it must remain hidden behind a lie, even ignoring human lives, right?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: No comment...

Marc Neumann: To finish this call, if I would send you from this living organic liquid (protoplasm), which is actually embedded in inorganic hollow fibers first (polymer-carriers), the extracted DNA by simple means, would the CDC do any DNA sequence then to find more out? Do you have any interest at all in it, since the CDC allegedly still could not find anything that causes this disease?

Dr. Mark Eberhard: What, DNA? No (inaudible), I must unfortunately break the discussion off now, sorry.

Marc Neumann: Now, well, thanks anyway for your time and the informative discussion and bye, bye.


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