Sunday, January 20, 2013

The UK's on Top of Morgellons Research. Why Not the US?

The United States of America has always prided itself on being the "first," as well as the "best" out of all nations.  But, when it comes to Morgellons research and acknowledgment, it seems that the US is going to come in last, if the country ever even enters the game.  I want to know why our "great" nation is too afraid to pick up the bat, and wait for the pitch!

Anyone know what a flight to the UK costs?


Morgellons UK Campaign

Raising awareness to the Public and Professionals about an emerging disease

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Welcome! Bullet
Morgellons disease is a medical condition that has the following set of symptoms. Bullet
These symptoms include itchy skin, with crawling, biting sensations, white granules from skin and hair follicles, chronic fatigue, sores/lesions and fibrous material coming from skin.
Morgellons disease, is not a recognised condition in the UK and is highly controversial.
Why? Because a limited amount of clinical research has been done so far and morgellons is often dismissed as solely a pyschological problem. We are convinced that there are primary, physical manifestations causing these symptoms.
The term 'morgellons', may disappear once the cause has been determined. Until then, this label helps to distinguish it for all those interested and concerned - whether it's to gain knowledge for professional purposes or to locate the centres of support that are available for sufferers.
Members of the general public and professionals that wish to raise awareness in their community, GP surgery etc, please make use of the action resources.
Morgellons UK is especially keen to hear from:
  • Members of the public that are personally affected by morgellons
  • General practitioners and other health care professionals
  • Consultants; dermatologists, infectious disease specialists
  • Scientists of various disciplines, involved in research; entomologists, microbiologists, parasitologists
  • Department of Health, DEFRA & HPA
  • Politicians (Councillors/Members of Parliament)
  • Vets
  • Environmental health officers, inc. pollution control and pest control professionals
  • Water authorities, dealing with waste water and sewage
Please contact us.
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Page updated: 8th January 2013

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