Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Merely a Slap on the Hand: Judge OKs $4B BP oil spill criminal settlement

This truly is sickening.  A prearranged settlement in the amount of $4B, and BP is off the hook for the deaths of 11 workers?  Spare me.  Judge OKs $4B BP oil spill criminal settlement

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  1. Yes,it IS SICKENING; i HEARD IT'S UP tho & BP is appealing;
    They should be fined out of existence & all corporate officers jailed , for LIFE, along with all the accomplices , starting with Mr. Hope-N-Change, who refused any help from other nations, no matter how beneficial, and all others involved,
    If people had ANY backbone in the USA , BP wouldn't have ONE intact station standing, but sadly they don't ,
    They're more concerned with the AIR Pressure in footballs than in the POISON sprayed into the AIR THEY BREATHE ,deliberately,
    It doesn't even register , pathetic.......