Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Latest Plea to the CDC

I emailed numerous communications during the months of April through August of 2011 referencing issues of lice, begging for assistance to cure my daughters.  Your agency ignored me - even though I referenced every possible effort made on my part to rid my daughters' heads of those nasty parasites.
Then, when forced to send them to my former husband's home for their own health - we did finally rid them of the lice they contracted from elementary school, I emailed the CDC once more.

The email I sent to your organization read something along the lines of:

It wasn't lice after all, it was Springtails/Collembola.

I had samples taken and shipped to labs for analysis.  The Senior Environmental Scientist I worked for at the time confirmed pictures of the parasites as being Springtails/Collembola. 

Reports prove that one-third of our current soil content is Springtails.

Every nation but our own is researching, delving.  Why are you ignoring the obvious? 

Let me guess.  It's easier on you and your children.  The pressure must be intense, but what happens when you're gone?  Your children, as well as all children, will be battling.  Perhaps, and most likely losing, and dieing.  There is no other possibility!  Think beyond you're fortune.  Think of what you'll leave behind for your children!  BE HUMAN FOR GOD'S SAKE...this is perhaps the last of chance you'll have before the powers that be call you.

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